About us

Ferro Alloys Corporation Limited (FACL) incorporated in 2010 is based in Zambia, South Central Africa, with its headquarters in Kabwe is about 130 km from the capital city of Lusaka.

We are a leading group that has captive large-scale Mines along with processing plants for Manganese Alloys and Lead Metal .

FACL is managed by mining executives with each having over 20 years of experience in mine operations, mineral processing and businesses administration. FACL is engaged in the identification, acquisition, exploration, development and sustainable production of Manganese and Lead ores. FACL further value-adds the mined ores to produce Manganese Alloys (High Carbon Silicon Manganese and High Carbon Ferro Manganese) along with a separate production vertical dedicated to Lead metal.

The company endeavors to focus on three things in every community in which we operate: economic development, environmental protection, and social cohesion. Our commitment to the environment states that all employees must adhere to all laws, guidelines, and policies that are intended to reduce, minimize, or make harmless any potential risks to our ecosystems or the environment.


We will be the most valued and respected company in Southern Africa in the field of Ferro Alloys production through industry leading performance


We will build a sustainable company specializing in Manganese value additions that delivers top quality, service and delivery while leading in safety, environmental stewardship and social responsibility.


Our core values include:
  • Act with integrity, trust and respect.
  • Reward creativity, a determination to excel and a commitment to action.
  • Demonstrate leadership in safety, stewardship of the environment and social

Company Operations

FACL has adopted the most acceptable quality systems right from raw material feeding to the furnace to finished product handling.

All raw materials are physically and chemically tested prior to each batch mix being developed. Our Process Metallurgists ensure all materials meet our standards prior to being weighed and fed in to the furnace.

After getting the desired end product, it will be once again tested in the laboratory for inspection and quality control measures. This is carried out within 4 to 5 hour intervals by taking hot samples of the end product and verified for its chemical specifications. This is a closed loop process allowing process metallurgists for taking corrective measures if required to the raw material feed batch. The finished product is then sized as per customer requirements and stacked in specified stockyards.

With a 9 MVA submerged Arc Furnace, FACL is able to produce 18,000 tons of Ferro Alloys annually. In addition, FACL is able to produce 3600 tons of Lead Metal annually from its Rotary Furnaces. We strongly believe in environmental protection and thus have installed an advanced Pollution Control System.


Assured uninterrupted supply of electricity ensures cost effective & timely production, yielding superior quality products.

Quality control and continuous improvement is not a sporadic initiative, but part of the culture at Ferro Alloys Corporation Limited.


Superior raw materials are mined at FACL’s captive large-scale mines and also procured from miners within Zambia. The well-connected road and rail ensure uninterrupted supply of inputs.

Quality control and continuous improvement is not a sporadic initiative, but part of the culture at Ferro Alloys Corporation Limited.

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